Be Creative. Be Successful.

Be creative. Be successful.

“Productivity and ultimately financial success can be increased by 78% by investing in creativity.”

Adobe “State of Create” study, 2016


You’re probably wondering, “How is creativity supposed to improve my business?”

It’s simple: some of the most pressing issues facing today’s businesses — long-term remote collaboration, a struggling company culture, burnout, and a lack of innovation — are no match for an organization that pushes its creative boundaries. 

Untapped creativity is the most valuable resource for any business. It re-energizes your team and creates a collaborative working environment where everyone’s voice is heard and amplified. And when this happens, everyone wins. Everyone succeeds. And most important, your business thrives.




I was the kid who never grew up. I never stopped asking “What if?” I doodled in the margins of my notebook. I made up songs. And came up with fun ideas.

However many years later, not much has changed. I still ask “What if?” I still doodle in the margins of my notebook, makeup songs, and come up with fun ideas.

And that’s why I got a job in advertising. It allowed me to be creative. For years I came up with amazing ideas for some of the biggest brands in the world, and I was having fun doing that.

Over time the fun started to disappear.

I spent more time ticking tasks than ideating. I was overscheduled, underutilized, and felt stuck. Morale was down. And one day the boss I most admired walked out the door.

Something was broken. And I couldn’t understand why no one was fixing it. I asked myself why wasn’t a company using their biggest asset  — their creativity — to solve people’s problems.

And with that, ArtWorks was born.

Now I have the best job in the world. I get to partner with companies and help them find their creative spark. Once we ignite it we transform the disconnected and disengaged into passionate, energetic, confident teams. And we have a lot of fun doing it!


Your employees are burned out on meetings. They’re struggling to stay engaged. In fact, 90% of meetings could have been an email. So let’s do something different. Let’s not have a meeting. Let’s get creative. Let’s use LEGO®, improv, art, and storytelling to solve your company’s problems, jumpstart innovation, enhance team building, engage and retain talent and — most importantly — strengthen your team’s dynamic to make business better.

 Be Creative | Be Successful | creative marketing and advertising | ArtWorks
 Be Creative | Be Successful | creative marketing and advertising | ArtWorks

My clients choose me because I…

  • Live and breathe the latest creative problem-solving practices by completing coursework and training with IDEO and CPSI (Creative Problem Solving Institute)
  • Am a certified Foursight trainer, building on a creative problem-solving framework used by Disney, Nike, NASA, and top universities to achieve breakthrough results
  • Understand how creativity fuels innovation across industries based on 15 years of experience developing creative marketing and advertising for advertising agencies, higher education, and corporate organizations
  • Am a certified LEGO® Strategic Play facilitator and bring an approachable, familiar medium to individuals and teams to spur new thinking and collaboration
  • Bring a lot of fun and positive energy to our work together!


Let’s set up a call so we can discuss how creativity can help make your team stronger.