ArtWorks energizes teams to unlock creative potential, spark innovation, and grow through creativity.

Happier Teams. Fresher Ideas.

ArtWorks applies the latest creativity research from neuroscience and psychology to help people and businesses thrive.

We’ll use Lego®, improv, hands-on art, and storytelling to solve business problems, jumpstart innovation, enhance teambuilding, engage and retain talent, and make businesses better.

“Productivity and ultimately financial success can be increased by 78% by investing in creativity.”

Adobe “State of Create” study, 2016

Workshops & Programs

Three customizable approaches to fit your team’s needs.


Half- or full-day workshops

  • Kick off strategic planning
  • Jumpstart team retreats
  • Define team values
  • Clarify challenges
  • Ignite creative thinking
  • Drive ideation
  • Generate rapid prototypes
  • Shake up corporate innovation
  • Develop tiny habits to drive a culture of innovation
  • Express team appreciation


Two-day boot camps and retreats

  • Solve wicked business problems
  • Facilitate strategic planning
  • Revolutionize creative thinking
  • Develop team identity and mission
  • Deepen team engagement
  • Foster team growth and development


Six- to 12-month coaching and training programs

  • Achieve mastery of creative problem-solving methods
  • Sustain creative habits to promote culture of innovation
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Establish partnership for lasting impact to increase ROI

A Career of Creativity

Nicole Haddad is the Founder & CEO of ArtWorks. She has over 15 years of experience developing world-class creative marketing and advertising and is now bringing a world-class creative process to train leaders and develop teams.

She earned her MBA in marketing and management at Southern Methodist University and is a certified trainer in:

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