I empower leaders to build thriving cultures by using creativity to give a voice to everyone.

“Productivity and ultimately financial success can be increased by 78% by investing in creativity.”

Adobe “State of Create” study, 2016

About ArtWorks

I believe we are all innately creative and that creativity has the power to solve any organizational problem you’re tackling. No matter your industry, I will ignite your team’s creativity to solve challenges like long term remote collaboration, a struggling company culture, low morale, burnout, and a lack of innovation.


I help you achieve breakthrough results faster by applying the latest, groundbreaking, research-based creative problem solving tools to solve your complex organizational challenges.

We’ll use design thinking, Lego®, improv, hands-on art, and storytelling to solve business problems, jumpstart innovation, enhance team building, engage and retain talent, and make businesses better.

Art works for business.

When an organization wonders “how can we stand out?”…

We’ll discover where the “wins” are happening – for your employees, for your customers, and for your bottom line. Using the rich language of creativity, we’ll listen to the range of voices and hear the success stories of your business at its very best.

Building on what makes your organization stand out, we’ll define the mission, vision, and values that will shape and inspire your daily work.

When a team wonders “where do we fit in?”…

We’ll use fresh techniques to visualize the important role your team plays in the overall organization.

When a leader wonders “how can I get the best work from team?”…

We’ll deepen employee engagement by developing and executing an action plan to activate creative thinking at all levels and empower team members to speak up.

When a team wonders where the next big idea will come from…

We’ll use the latest groundbreaking, science-based creative problem solving tools that you can use again and again to spur new thinking.

When leaders seek creative leadership training to achieve skills to build culture of innovation, creativity, and collaboration at organizational or team level…

I’ll bring the latest on-trend, science-based creative problem solving methods directly to you so that you can empower yourself and others to generate and execute bold ideas.

When emerging leaders want to take on an executive leadership role…

We’ll work together to develop your own creative strength, and the concrete skills needed to draw upon the creative capacity of your team.

When a team with a complex problem asks “What do we do now?”…

We’ll apply the creative problem-solving method to clarify the problem, identify possible solutions, develop a plan of action, and put it to work for your organization.

When a leader is looking for a new role and wonders “What’s the right move for me?”

We work together to examine your strengths and where you derive meaning and purpose. We’ll use design thinking methodology to define a strategy to identify and seek a role that will bring you joy and fulfillment.

My clients choose me because I…

  • Live and breathe the latest creative problem solving practices by completing coursework and training with IDEO and CPSI (Creative Problem Solving Institute)
  • Am a certified Foursight trainer, building on creative problem solving framework used by Disney, Nike, NASA, and top universities to achieve breakthrough results
  • Understand how creativity fuels innovation across industries based on 15 years experience developing creative marketing and advertising for advertising agencies, higher education, and corporate organizations
  • Am a certified Lego Strategic Play facilitator and bring an approachable, familiar medium to individuals and teams to spur new thinking and collaboration
  • Bring a lot of fun and positive energy to our work together!

A Career of Creativity

Nicole Haddad is the Founder & CEO of ArtWorks. She has over 15 years of experience developing world-class creative marketing and advertising and is now bringing a world-class creative process to train leaders and develop teams.

She earned her MBA in marketing and management at Southern Methodist University and is a certified trainer in:

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