Increase guest satisfaction like Macy Agnew at Chick-fil-A

Client: Chick-fil-A

Employees: 70+

Location: Dallas / Fort Worth Area

Industry: Restaurant


The Challenge

With the uncertainty of the pandemic, the store operator at Chick-fil-A had to find ways for her leaders to engage employees to continue to deliver world-class service.

Macy had to figure out a way to empower her team leaders to manage their employees during a pandemic.

With dining rooms closed, the drive-through employees were tasked with unprecedented traffic and frustrated guests. New problems arose and frustrated employees knew they had to take their problem-solving skills to a new level. And most importantly, employees were looking for ways to unlock their individual talent in creative and productive ways.

How We Helped

Macy Agnew is a store operator in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and is always trying to keep her guests happy. She needed to empower her team leaders to manage their employees to continue to deliver world-class service even in these challenging times.

With Artworks, she was able to train her team leaders to use creativity to quickly solve problems and “think on their feet” during these difficult times.

Artworks helps business owners ignite creative problem-solving capabilities for individuals and teams.  This is accomplished through interactive and immersive engagement rooted in purposeful play and empathy.

Nicole Haddad, Founder and Lead Facilitator of ArtWorks


✘ There was a lack of collaboration among employees due to the increased stress of the challenging work environment

✘ The employees needed to take their problem-solving skills to the next level

✘ The employees we not able to work together quickly and smoothly for the benefit of the guest

With Artworks

✓ Increased collaboration among team members for the benefit of the guest

✓ Stronger team bonds among employees

✓ Enhanced empathy for one another’s roles and challenges

The Results

Increased employee’s collaboration through Artworks immersive and interactive activities that teach you how to think creatively, be more empathetic and a stronger leader.  

With the help of Artworks, Chick-fil-A is delivering world-class service even during a pandemic.

✅ Chick-fil-A is using creativity to empower employees to deliver superior service

✅ Guest satisfaction has remained a top priority for all team members

✅ Macy is able to efficiently grow her business and improve employee job satisfaction

Feedback from Team Members:

  • “More trust in other leaders after insight into their mind”
  • “Increased awareness of how my colleagues see me as a leader”
  • “Learned how to rethink questions”
  • “The thing I keep thinking about is the way we highlighted each other’s traits we love”
  • “Let our creativity blossom”
  • “Asking ‘why, why, why’ to dig down deeper into the problem to search for the root cause”

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