How We Work

Three customizable workshops to fit your team’s needs.


Half- or full-day workshops to boost energy, strengthen team bonds, ignite ideation, and more


Two-day bootcamps and retreats to jumpstart solutions to teamwork challenges


Six- to 12-month development programs to revolutionize team culture and problem-solving capabilities

Our workshops are designed to help your company increase productivity, strengthen your team’s bond, increase excitement, and define your organization’s culture and vision. Here’s how we make that happen:


We listen to you, the team leaders, to understand the organizational challenges you’re tackling.

  1. Together with leaders, we will pinpoint the organizational challenge you are facing in an initial 30-minute discovery session
  2. Clarify desired program outcome and gain leadership consensus and alignment
  3. ArtWorks creates a thoughtful plan of action, including coaching check-in time
  4. Schedule team engagements


Now that we have our challenge identified, as a team we’ll dive in to how the everyone works together and how we can make them stronger. Team development programs can look many different ways depending on your goals and may include activities like:

  1. Assess team strengths, behaviors, and preferences
  2. Connect assessment of individuals and team members to organizational mission, vision, values
  3. Distill organizational mission and values to day-to-day work
  4. Ideate solutions to organizational challenge based on Team ID


We deliver actionable steps to implement your solutions with check-ins along the way to assess progress. We will:

  1. Outline team goals
  2. Develop timeline to implement solution
  3. Launch plan of action to skyrocket performance
  4. Assess progress
  5. Evaluate results


Not sure which workshop is right for your team? Let’s talk! Book a free discovery session.