Team Workshop Offerings

I offer three customizable approaches to fit your team’s needs. Don’t see what you need? Book a free discovery session!

Gain the skills and techniques you need to foster collaboration and unleash the potential of your team.


Half- to full-day workshops

  • Kick off strategic planning
  • Jumpstart team retreats
  • Define team values
  • Clarify challenges
  • Ignite creative thinking
  • Drive ideation
  • Generate rapid prototypes
  • Shake up corporate innovation
  • Develop tiny habits to drive a culture of innovation
  • Express team appreciation


Two-day bootcamps or retreats

  • Facilitate strategic planning
  • Revolutionize creative thinking
  • Develop team identity and mission
  • Deepen team engagement
  • Foster team growth and development


Six- to 12-month creative coaching and training programs

  • Solve wicked business problems
  • Achieve mastery of creative problem-solving methods
  • Sustain creative habits to promote culture of innovation
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Establish partnership for lasting impact to increase ROI

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