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Our mission is to empower the team to build thriving cultures by giving a voice to everyone. We hone your team creativity to tap into diverse perspectives and transform the most disengaged, disconnected, and burned-out groups into passionate, energetic, and confident teams. 

Nicole Haddad

Founder and CEO

I was stuck until I used creativity to get unstuck. 

For the majority of my career I created content for some of the biggest brands in the world. It sounds like one of the coolest jobs. But in real life it was stressful. Hours were long, schedules were jam packed, and I felt burnt out. 

You can’t be creative when you’re feeling that way. When you’re not feeling creative it’s difficult to feel motivated. It’s difficult to create magic.

Over time I began to realize that I wasn’t the only one feeling stuck. I started wondering why organizations weren’t using creativity to engage, and empower their employees.

I decided that if they weren’t going to, I would, by starting a company that uses creativity to change the status quo of the workplace.

When I’m not creative at work, I’m creative in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes, in the dining-room-turned-art-studio improv quilting, or around Dallas discovering new ways to entertain my two kids.

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Chase Wade

Growth Officer

From a storied national newsroom to the bootstrap startup space, Chase has worked across a variety of industries with the same goal in mind: innovate, always.

As the Growth Officer at ArtWorks, Inc., Chase engages with leaders across a variety of industries to activate their organizations’ untapped creative resources to solve their business’ most pressing challenges.

When he’s not working, Chase enjoys exploring Dallas’ culinary scene and the occasional game of tennis. 

Duane Wilson

Strategic Advisor

Duane is the Chief Operating Officer of the Boys and Girls Clubs of St. Joseph County, Indiana, and founder of SOAR Consulting.  He is relied upon as a facilitator, speaker, and coach for Executives and employees at all levels.

Duane has over 20 years of experience helping organizations achieve their goals by bringing creativity, clarity, and structure to complex and challenging problems.  As Board Chair and Core Faculty Member of the Creative Problem Solving Institute, he trains innovators from all over the globe. 

When not he’s not leading, facilitating, or coaching he loves spending time in his studio playing his guitar. 

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